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Finding Your Momentum With Sports and Movement

Presented on May 26, 2021

Movement is medicine for everyone; people with spinal cord injury or other disabilities are no exception. How do rehabilitation therapists (PT/OT/TR) foster that and act as a bridge between rehabilitation and community living? Join us as we hear from Shannon O’Connor, PT, DPT, physical therapy neuroresident in UW Medicine Department of Rehabilitation. She will discuss the importance and issues around sports and recreation, what are some activities out there and available, what health considerations are there, and what skills might you want to develop. Getting started with a new physical activity may seem daunting but adaptive sports and movement-based activities can be an amazing avenue for staying active, gaining strength and health, social support, and just to have fun. Whether you are thinking about a competitive sport, recreation, or just getting your heart rate up, join us for this exploration of movement and activity from the therapist perspective!


Videos and Resources from the Presentation:


Presentation time: 57 minutes. After watching, please complete our two-minute survey!

View this video on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/VSdvNKaHbD4