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Finding Passion in Poetry: Lan Remme

Lan Remme seated in a wheelchair recording poetry into a microphone

Several years after his spinal cord injury, Lan Remme became a poet. We spoke with Lan some time ago about this journey, how he learned to write and pursue this passion, and of the valuable lessons that he learned (and that we can all learn) from finding something that brings us and others joy. In addition, writing poetry brought profound benefits for Lan.

We were deeply saddened when Lan died in June of 2021. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to speak with Lan about his poetry. This recording will be a lasting and special memento for us. There is a dedication to Lan and his family as part of this podcast. At the end, we have included a reading of one of Lan’s poems written after this interview. We hope that you will listen and find the same pleasure listening to Lan and his poetry that we did.

Lan Remme with Laura, who is holding a microphone during an interview Lan Remme seated in a wheelchair, outdoors, with a dog sitting at his feet
SCI Forum ยท Finding Passion in Poetry: Lan Remme
A crowd of approximately 20 people under an event tent, some in wheelchairs, encircling a sign that reads 'Friends of Lan Remme'

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