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SCI Forum Report & Video


Get a Handle On It:
Maximizing Hand and Arm Function after SCI


Presented on February 11, 2014, by Harborview occupational therapists Amy Cisler, Beth Gardner, and Leslie Fox.

Loss of arm and hand function is one of the biggest problems affecting quality of life after a cervical spinal
cord injury. The goals of rehab are to compensate for lost function by using remaining sensorimotor function
and restore as much lost sensorimotor capacity as possible.

This forum presentation describes how rehab uses a combination of conventional therapy (strengthening, splinting, and use of adaptive equipment and strategies), upper limb electrical stimulation, and surgical intervention (tendon transfers) to achieve rehab goals. The presenters show an abundance of devices and solutions for enhancing independence in everyday activities such as eating, dressing, grooming, cooking and writing. In addition, two individuals with tetraplegia demonstrate some simple equipment they use for improving their arm and hand function in daily life. Watch the video, check out the resources, and download the slides from this presentation.

Presentation time: 51 minutes.You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Download the complete slide presentation, including photos of equipment and devices for maximizing hand and arm function (PDF 15 MB)



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