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Community Mobility: Getting Where You Want to Go

June 14, 2011 at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Learn about the different accessible transportation options available for people with disabilities in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, including buses, light rail, Access, DART and Bus Rapid Transit. Jodi Connolly, MA, CTRS/R of Harborview’s “Getting There” Transportation Resource Center and Amanda Bryant of First Transit discuss these services as well as additional programs that can help you learn how to use the transportation system, plan your trips, and feel comfortable traveling around the community independently. Helpful resources, travel tips and information about volunteer transportation and wheelchair accessible taxis are also provided.

Watch the video or read the report.


Presentation time: 52 minutes. After watching, please complete our two-minute survey!


You can also watch this video on YouTube with or without closed-captioning.

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Report: Community Mobility: Getting Where You Want to Go



"Getting There"

By Jodi Connolly, MA, CTRS/R of Harborview’s “Getting There” Transportation Resource Center
(206-744-8747; 4EC Room 2, Harborview Medical Center (9th and Alder Entrance).

The "Getting There" Transportation Resource Center, located at Harborview Medical Center, is for people who have a disability and want to use public transit. It includes an assessment center for people with disabilities, transit evaluation stations, and a mock-up of a Metro bus with a ramp. My primary role there is to help King County residents with disabilities connect with transportation that's appropriate for them in the community.

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Plan for success

Before heading out into the community, individuals with SCI should be sure to consider these issues:

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Transportation options in King County

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Programs to reduce costs

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Tools to help you get started

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Transit instruction

By Amanda Bryant of First Transit (206-749-4242; amanda.bryant@firstgroup.com)

The Metro Transit Instruction Program is a free program funded by King County that provides one-on-one individualized bus training for seniors (over 65) and anyone with a disability. There are several different kinds of training:

Individual destination instruction (for a specific route)

Transit System Instruction

Group Transit Instruction (groups of five or more)

Lift or Ramp Instruction

Community Outreach

To Request Training

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Resources and handouts for this Forum:

Transportation Providers and their accessibility information:

Programs to reduce cost:

Instruction/training for using public transportation:

Other transportation related tools:

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Information materials produced by the "Getting There" Transportation Resource Center

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