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It Happened to Both of Us: Conversations with Couples

Presented on March 13, 2012 at the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA.

When a person sustains a spinal cord injury, the impact is felt by the whole family, especially the spouse or partner. How does the partner feel, cope and adjust during this turbulent time when the injured person's needs are so paramount? How do roles and expectations change? How can a couple survive the stresses and challenges of such a life-altering event and go on to lead a satisfying life together? In this video, a panel of couples who were together before injury and are still together talk about their experiences and what they do to stay connected and maintain a healthy relationship.

You can also watch this video on YouTube with or without closed-captioning.

Presentation time: 82 minutes. After watching, please complete our two-minute survey!

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