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Art and Music Therapy in Rehab and Beyond

Presented on November 9, 2010 at Seattle Children's Hospital.

How can experiences with art and music heal your heart, support your rehabilitation and enhance your life at any age? In this presentation, David Knott, Board Certified Music Therapist, and Rosalie Frankel, Board Certified Art Therapist, discussed the many benefits that can be gained through the creative arts therapies. They provide examples of different equipment and supplies that can be used by individuals with mobility disabilities and discuss ways art can be used for personal growth, expression and enjoyment. Guest artist Brom Wikstrom (a mouth-painter whose work is displayed at http://www.bromwikstrom.com/) talked about his evolution as a professional artist since sustaining a spinal cord injury more than 30 years ago. A resource list and inspirational quotes were handed out at the forum.

Painting: "Blue Bulls" by Brom Wikstrom.

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