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Spinal Cord Injury Transitions and Wellness Program


Mission and Background

The health of a person with SCI hinges on management of medical complications and optimization of the individual’s health habits and lifestyle choices to fulfill physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. The Transitions program is designed to promote lifelong wellness and participation by introducing and encouraging healthful practices as individuals transition from acute, inpatient care to living successfully in the community.

While insurance covers limited outpatient services on an ongoing basis after SCI, people with SCI need a wide range of services and supports to maintain a healthy, satisfying and productive life. The activities in the Transitions program are known to improve health and quality of life after SCI, but most of them are not paid for by the majority of private and public health plans.

We remain committed to improving the services we provide to our large SCI community, particularly the growing population of uninsured or underinsured clients. Through this program we will be able to expand our commitment to serve their long-term health and wellness needs. We are grateful to the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation and to Mr. Kenny Salvini, his family and friends, for providing the funding to make this program possible.