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Welcome Home
by Scott Thomas Ruffin

With each visit
The adventure still new
All the technologies
And staff so Professional too
A friendly Smile with each visit I get
Seeing now old friends who do not quit
The efforts are grand
To each and all
Aiding to recuperate
And wishing to stand tall
For all of your efforts
My hearts wish is true
Thanks so much to all
Who have helped me at the U.
Scott Thomas Ruffin

Scott Ruffin began writing poetry in 1984 while he was an SCI patient at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). He had difficulty expressing himself verbally in the early stages of rehab, and at the suggestion of staff, began to write. "It became a really good way to release my feelings," Ruffin says. "Writing has been a large part of my recovery." This poem, written last fall, was inspired by the caring staff on the rehabilitation inpatient unit at UWMC. Ruffin lives in Moses Lake, Washington.